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What are the steps in an ideal skincare regimen? What function does skin cleansing serve? Is double-cleansing necessary even on makeup-free days? We’ll shed some light on skincare steps this episode, including my top tips for a minimalist skincare regimen– including K-beauty hacks, the dermatologist way.

This masterclass focuses on hyperpigmentation. We’re going to cover the common causes of hyperpigmentation. How to tell the difference as a layperson (danger signals to watch for)? What is the ideal skincare regimen for treatment/prevention of pigmentation?
This masterclass focuses on Vitamin C. We’re going to cover the science of different types of Vitamin C compounds. Why my essential serums include Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid? Is L-Ascorbic Acid the gold standard in anti-ageing and antioxidants?

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