Ringworm Reinfections ??

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Hi! Dermatologists! please help me out here 😭😭

After 3 months of treatment during my initial infection?? My spots disappeared for 2-3 weeks and came back again as small red dots with white heads and I have no idea if it’s a reinfection or not. To combat this I’ve been putting Miconazole Cream BP 2% w/w and then later changed to clotrimazole 1% as I heard it kills the root of the ringworm.

Now I’m unsure of how long I should be putting this medication for as I am so terrified of the ringworm coming back ! And I am also unsure if the spots I saw were even signs of reinfection or not.

So far there has been 0 itching or pain !

Administrator Changed status to publish March 13, 2023
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