Old dark spots or scars

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I have one old ice pick scar on my nose, and several dark spots that have been there for years. Do I have any chance of fading these years later?

Dr. Teo Wan Lin Answered question June 24, 2021

First of all, get your underlying problem diagnosed. If you are an adult and you still suffer from on and off breakouts, it is essential that you get your acne treated, because it is not normal to still suffer from acne as an adult. Once you get proper medical treatment, also get your scars diagnosed. If they are just post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, it may be sufficient to go with cosmeceuticals, topical retinoids, and non-ablative types of resurfacing or non ablative lasers such as laser toning which can improve and even out skin tone, as well as chemical peels which will also help with scar healing without much downtime. However, if you suffer from deeper types of scars such as dermal scars, ice pick and boxcar scars, then it is wise to consider fractional resurfacing in combination with other treatments as offered by your dermatologist to attain a satisfactory result.

Also, do your part by applying a dermatologist tested broad-spectrum SPF50 sunscreen, to prevent worsening of scarring and development of new pigmentation spots, in addition to slowing down the harmful effects of UV-radiation on skin-ageing and pigmentation. Pigmentation can be and should be treated promptly. Consider also a stabilised vitamin C serum such as the Vita C GOLD. Vitamin C plays an important role in skin-lightening and pigmentation reduction, as it inhibits an enzyme called tyrosinase which participates in the metabolism of melanin that causes pigmentation on skin. This enzyme works by converting tyrosine into melanin, so by reducing the activity of tyrosinase, our skin cells inadvertently produce less melanin and reduce in pigmentation.

Dr. Teo Wan Lin Answered question June 24, 2021
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