How to get rid of small stubborn acne on forehead?

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Hi, so i’ve been wondering how to get rid of small stubborn acnes? Is there any possible natural way to get rid of them?


Hi Rizkiyah,

To get rid of acne, you first have to understand the causes of acne. One major cause is our genetic predisposition. Another cause is acne cosmetica (a form of acne triggered by the use of cosmetic products), so make sure you choose your cosmetics wisely! Other factors are consumption of foods with high glycemic number (e.g. dairy, candy etc.) and hormonal factors (stress, menstrual flare-ups). There is no natural way to get rid of acne as it is mainly caused by genetics. However, a good habit to adopt is having a healthy diet. Avoiding oily foods and having an overall healthy lifestyle can contribute to healthy skin.

Dr. Teo Wan Lin


TWL Specialist Skin & Laser Centre