Lip Plumper

Ultra-Intensive Treatment Lip Plumper



Current Batch Expiry: 21 Oct 2022

Formulated to provide immediate and lasting plumping results. No stinging effect. Integrated tube/applicator packaging allows easy direct and hygienic application while minimising contamination*

*Compared to tub or gloss/brush applicator models.


Salmon Roe DNA [Anti-ageing, Collagen-boost]

Oligopeptides [Rejuvenating]

Grape seed oil [Anti-inflammatory]

$10.00 SGD


[Maintenance] Apply tube directly on lips often and to plump lips before applying your favourite color.

[Intensive Repair] Apply liberal amount for night treatment.

Monitor your clinical response with the Hydration Skin Analyzer – Skin Barrier Biosensor

Dr.TWL Lip Care Ritual

Step 1: The Barely There Lip Scrub contains solid state crystals that gently exfoliate, effectively removing rough and dry skin without irritating your lips. The crystals then dissolve into a moisturising serum, leaving you with soft, smooth and hydrated lips.

Step 2: The LipSerum Stick in Gender Neutral Clear has an intensive phytoceramide formula prevents lip eczema, discolouration, wrinkles and loss of volume.

Step 3: The Ultra Intensive Lip Plumper is formulated with anti-inflammatory ingredients for ultra intensive hydration and plumping of the lips.

Step 4: Skin Healing Polysaccharide Mask that comes with a convenient lip piece


  1. Jingruus (verified owner)

    I can feel the difference from the first time i applied & it give an instant glow to my lips . Addicted to it ❤

  2. Glady Chan (verified owner)

    As someone who always has dry and chapped lips, it hasn’t been easy finding good and highly moisturized lip balms. This is literally one of the best balms/lip plumper I have ever used. It keeps my lips hydrated nearly throughout the day~ super lightweight and non greasy! Must try:)

  3. Janine Ng (verified owner)

    This product works for me. It’s non-greasy, light weight and not stinging. After a single application, my lips appeared softer and gave off a sheer glow. I am also able to glide on my fave lipstick easier. An essential to keep in my makeup bag. Love it!

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