Smart Hair™ Elastics Advanced Polymer Technology (Black)


Dr.TWL Biomaterials’ SMART ELASTICS range is made from silicone (engineered from silica found in sand) and is a plastic free alternative that is phthalate and BPA free. It is more durable than plastic and is non-toxic to oceans and the environment. Read more about Dr.TWL eco-conscious and sustainable beauty efforts here.

Advanced Polymer Technology


100% No Hair Damage Non-Slip

Active Fitness Wear

Gentle Styling- Braids, Ponytails

*20 times more durable than regular elastics

@drteowanlin The science of pretty...👆🏻 -SMART HAIR ELASTICS -SILK BRUSH The hair cuticle is designed to protect and seal hair. The latest dermatology research shows that it has a hidden rod-matrix structure that doesn’t just protect hair, but also regulates moisture levels and the strength of hair fibres—intelligently interacting with the environment. The DR.TWL™ SILK BRUSH prototype comb builds on our expertise in materials engineering to treat the cuticle with advanced biomaterials.” #hairbrush #hairbrushing #hairstyle #ponytailtutorial ♬ Don’t Blame Me - Taylor Swift

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Material Scientist Engineered

[No Pain] Stretches and conforms to ponytail to provide support without elastic tension

[No Snags, Breakaways]

Individually polymer-coated for ultimate smoothness

[Non-Slip, Firm Hold] Does not catch or tug hair while providing firm hold

@drteowanlin How to braid your hair- no slip, no damage smart hair elastics @Dr.TWL Dermatologist Skincare #hairbraidtutorial #hairbraidchallenge #hairstyletutorial #hairstylechallenge #hairaccessories ♬ ...Ready For It? - Taylor Swift


Use as regular hair tie

@drteowanlin Lesson #5 Some girls with long hair have superpowers to keep their hair in place. Whatever they say about frizzy hair solutions does not make sense. Start off the new year with Girls With Long Hair, the only podcast you need for good hair days. @Beauty Podcasts By Dr.TWL #girlswithlonghair #beautypodcast #podcastsforwomen #hairaccesories ♬ original sound - 🫀