Pastel Pink Kawaii Lip-Cheek Filter

This Lip-Cheek Filter is handcrafted with the purest edible ingredients to deliver natural, brilliant pigment buildable for a natural glow on your lips and cheeks.


  • Triangle shaped sponge molds and comfortably conforms to fingers with 3 different edges used for application for a natural setting and touch up effect.
  • Textile technology for even distribution of the filter as natural skin makeup without foundation in thin buildable layers. Can be used over CC cream/foundation or without for a natural looking, dewy finish.
  • Does not absorb the Lip-Cheek Filter = No wastage, save more!

Subtle, moisturising iridescent glow with a unique microcrystal encapsulation technology to release phytoceramides which react with your skin’s existing moisture level, transforming into your perfect shade of blush. Formulated with blue-light blocking Astaxanthin, as well as mood-boosting Crocus Sativa, for a much needed endorphin rush.

Because being beautiful is being happy too