Best Home Facial Device Microdermabrasion -SilkPeel Alternative to Chemical Peel

Good morning class, welcome to Beauty School. Today I’m going to be teaching you all about microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is a type of skin resurfacing procedure that is performed usually in an outpatient setting, typically in a dermatologist practice. Essentially microdermabrasion can be used to treat certain signs of photoaging such as uneven, dull skin tone, acne scars as well as superficial wrinkles. It is one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed worldwide.

How does microdermabrasion work?
What actually happens during microdermabrasion is the release of crystals through a hand piece and this is combined with a vacuum assisted process that applies gentle suction to remove the topmost layer of your skin known as the stratum corneum.

Can microdermabrasion be used to treat acne scars and wrinkles?
Microdermabrasion can certainly be an effective form of resurfacing treatment. If you have acne scars or wrinkles, skin resurfacing can improve the appearance of these. In addition, traditional forms of skin resurfacing for example fractional CO2 lasers are a lot more invasive in the sense that there is downtime and requires a medical practitioner to carry it out. Microdermabrasion on its own is something that can be safely used at home. In fact, it is also effective for superficial deeper wrinkles as well as acne scars.

Is microdermabrasion like a chemical peel?
In many ways, microdermabrasion is thought of as being similar, if not superior to the effects of a superficial chemical peel. It has additional benefits as it does not have the potential to cause irritant contact dermatitis used on its own because there are no solutions or chemicals involved. When the topmost layer of the skin the stratum corneum is removed through microdermabrasion, it stimulates the wound healing process. Now if you are into exfoliating your skin because you feel that it makes your skin brighter and smoother, microdermabrasion is a form of microscopic controlled exfoliation that gives optimal results.

How does microdermabrasion help acne?
Acne is a condition that is affected by multiple factors. These include one’s personal genetics that drives inflammation. What we have observed in acne-prone individuals, is the retention of dead skin cells around the pores. These are actually hair follicles. This is also the result of pore clogging, combined with oil production all these can lead to whitehead or blackheads forming. Microdermabrasion when used regularly can help the skin to regulate the turnover of skin cells at the surface. This means that there will be less pore clogging.

What are the special features of the SilkPeel?
The SilkPeel is a novel microdermabrasion device that can be used in the comfort of your own home. Essentially, it has many features of the in-clinic microdermabrasion experience which means that it can deliver microscopic skin exfoliation in a controlled manner. It also has added benefits of vacuum hydro-dermabrasion which is using the medi-facial solutions to deliver increased nutrient absorption via vacuum technology. Furthermore, there is no risk of allergies or misuse as it is a physical form of dermabrasion. One of the key features is the CUIONS nanoparticle tip that comes with the SilkPeel. This is modelled after the traditional diamond microdermabrasion tip which must be used by trained individuals. The CUIONS nanoparticle is made of a copper oxide crystal that is much gentler on skin, reducing any risk of skin irritation. It also has 3 different modes. The lowest setting being appropriate for those with dry sensitive skin and the higher setting for those with oilier T-zones for example. Now, depending on your skin concern be it hyperpigmentation or oily skin, acne-prone skin, sensitivity or eczema, the medi-facial solution that comes with the SilkPeel is customised to specifically address your skin concerns. Now the good news is that the device itself can perform physical dermabrasion while at the same time science tells us that that increases the absorption of the nutrient solutions at well.

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