Frizzy hair is caused by a reaction of the cuticle to external humidity. If you live in a warm summer climate like tropical Singapore- you probably noticed that frizzy hair problems just won’t go away. Using styling sprays and waxes result in stiff unnatural hair, not to mention a pain to use daily!

The hair cuticle performs a complex role in regulating the hair shaft reaction to external environmental factors. Unhealthy cuticles can cause hair to be frizzy. However, even healthy hair can be frizzy in high humidity. Our exclusive range of hair brushes and combs are designed by our materials team to be effective anti-frizz solutions for all hair types. As your haircare specialty pharmacy, you can get all the latest technologies in haircare and grooming in just one stop.

Discover Smart Flex Bristles

A novel hair brush by Dr TWL Biomaterials with DR.TWL™ SILK Fibres to smoothen and seal the cuticle instantly, removes static electricity and eliminates frizz.

The best way to eliminate frizz and unruly flyaway hairs without heat or chemical treatment. No more hair sprays or gels. SILK BRUSH bristles infuse deeply nourishing kerato-mimetic micronutrients that mimic the natural cuticle seal.