Struggling with acne that won’t go away? Or pimples that keep coming back once you stop medications? If you are tired of this vicious cycle of… pimples, pimples and more pimples. Listen to what Dr.TWL has to say.

This week’s course is a complete guide to acne. Dr. TWL shared her tell-all playbook to tackling acne, 

What You’ll Get:

  • My Acne Playbook with insider tips on causes, clinic vs home treatments, oral medications, creams 
  • Personalised video tutorial on skincare routine based on your skin type/concerns
  • On-demand video course on acne 

Meet Your Instructor

Discover complete skincare courses covering basic to advanced skincare routines by accredited Singapore dermatologist and international beauty KOL Dr. Teo Wan Lin. As a leading voice on Asian beauty, Dr Teo has been featured in beauty publications worldwide, including Cosmetics Design Asia and Be-story, Japan‘s top beauty magazine.

She is also the chief scientific officer of Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals, a skincare line focusing on ethnobotany, with its R&D HQ as one of the leading biotechnology firms in South Korea, the hub of Asian beauty. Her podcast Dermatologist Talks: Science of Beauty is the premier beauty podcast in Asia that has collaborated with beauty giants like L’Oréal, Eucerin, Laneige and Skinceuticals to bring skincare education to the masses.

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Dior Beauty X Dr.TWL as seen in Elle China, Elle Netherlands, L’Officiel Malaysia, Marie Claire Brazil, Harper’s Bazaar Germany

Founder of Prominent Asian Beauty Clinical Skincare Brand Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals

Custom Skincare Makeup Lab as seen in Cosmetics Design Asia

Beauty entrepreneur as seen in Her World, The Peak Magazine, ICON, A Magazine, L’Officiel USA