“Beauty is all about skin health and embracing one’s individuality. The creation of our Pi-π cosmeceutical makeup lab is an extension of our current skincare cosmeceutical research and development offering, incorporating science based pigment technology with advanced skincare formulations. The lab is named after the symbol π, inspired by its roots in mathematics and science, symbolising our definite color science system that I created—with infinite possibilities.” Dr. Teo Wan Lin

** Do note the final colour of the lipstick will be what you choose on the colour wheel.
[Silvexia™ Lipstick Packaging] All LipSerum Sticks™ are packaged in our signature lipstick casing that has been treated with anodized UV protective coating to prevent UV-degradation of active cosmeceutical ingredients, ensuring optimal function of pigments and skincare benefits.
You're almost done! Kindly allow your color scientist to process this information according to your skin tones which may take up to 15 minutes. After which you can choose ideal lip colors and then watch your LipSerum™ Stick come alive.