UVC Germicidal Lamp – Room Disinfection/Purification


Diameter – 17mm | Length: 385mm

Input Voltage: 220-240V | Tube power: 36-38W | Input current:150-180mA | Tube voltage:105V | Tube current: 400mA

254mm Irradiation strength (surface): ≥ 1000μw/cm2

Average life span : >10,000h

Electronic Functions – Clock module (start time detection, sterilization time monitoring), Control module (sterilization lamp activation, over voltage protection control, etc.), Timing module (sterilization time, protection time, working mode setting, etc.), Remote control module.

*created for the EU market. Comes with an international adapter for purchases outside EU.

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Ultraviolet radiation is a low-energy electromagnetic radiation, with the strongest germicidal power at the wavelength of 250-270nm.

The 36W ultraviolet germicidal lamp has a coverage area of 10-40 sqm and requires a continuous irradiation time of no less than 30min, with a germicidal rate of 99.5%.

Without any external interference, the wavelength of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp is maintained at 253.7nm, which is in the Ultraviolet C (UV-C) spectrum. Through UV-C irradiation, the DNA and RNA of bacteria and virus are denatured, rendering them being unable to reproduce.The UV-C germicidal lamp is effective against any bacteria or virus, such as the common Escherichia coli, influenza A virus, Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus, Coronavirus, mites and other bacteria, and surfaces polluted by the above microorganisms.

UV-C disinfection is a pure physical disinfection method, which is simple, convenient, broad-spectrum and efficient, without secondary pollution.

The device comes with a remote control module to allow activation and deactivation of the sterilization at a safe distance from the source of UV-C emission.


1. Please read the manual carefully before use, pay attention to the usage requirements such as the surrounding environment.

2. Place the product securely in the place of use. For added stability, please open the base stabilizer at the bottom.

3. Release the mechanical child protection lock at the base. Connect 220V power supply to the device.

4. Tap the “power / start” switch on the control panel to turn the system on. The red power indicator lights up.

5. Press the “time selection” key on the control panel to select “15 minutes”, “30 minutes” or “60 minutes”, based on the usage needs. Accordingly, the corresponding indicator light will flash. Finally, when ready for activation, press the “power/ start” switch and the time indicator will emit a steady light, which will be followed by UV-C lamp lighting after a delay of 10 seconds. Immediately, evacuate yourself and others from the room.

6. Alternatively, you may activate the device from afar via the remote controller included. The device will stop on completion of the timer.

7. Surface of the lamp should be kept clean and free from dirt.


1. Please read the manual carefully before use to avoid accidents, accidental damage, and failure to achieve sterilization effects caused by improper use.

2. All persons and pets should be evacuated from the room before use of the device. Avoid direct exposure to plants, food and dark clothes, so as to avoid damage to plants, deterioration of objects and discoloration of clothes.

3. Avoid direct exposure to human eyes and skin. After use, please re-engage the child lock to prevent accidental activation.

4. After UV-C sterilisation, you are encouraged to ventilate the room with open windows for at least 30 minutes.

5. Household germicidal applications include use with bedding, bedding mites elimination, toilet and kitchen deodorization / disinfection.

*Please read the directionscarefully and use this product correctly as designed. Dr.TWL Biomaterials will not be responsible for consequences, possible hazards and related losses caused by illegal use and improper operation.