Sanitation Bundle – LYOSILK™ Hygienic Mask Slip & MaxClean™ Hand Sanitizer


Lyosilk is part of Dr.TWL Biomaterials’ skincare fabrics range. Learn more about our functional textiles with skin benefits here.

Lyosilk™ mask slip

Did you know that prolonged wearing of the surgical mask can cause occlusion acne? It can also worsen eczema symptoms. This Resuable Mask Slip was designed to counteract this problem. It is made from Lyosilk™️. Lyosilk™️ is synthesized from 100% sustainable plant cellulose fibres, which are laboratory tested to be antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, and forms a breathable barrier between your skin and the surgical mask, besides being washable and prolonging the lifespan of your mask. It is suitable for acne, eczema and sensitive skin patients.

This reusable, washable mask slip is designed and created by the Dr.TWL Biomaterials Team to help protect and prolong the lifespan of your surgical mask. It provides a cooling, sweat-wicking, breathable layer against skin to prevent skin irritation due to prolonged surgical mask wear.

Each Lyosilk™ mask slip is handstitched by skilled seamstresses in Singapore, who are trained to handle this delicate fabric. It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Dr.TWL Biomaterials

MaxClean™ Hand Sanitizer

[30ml] Limited purchase of 3 per client, with unlimited refills purchase.

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[Skin Cooling] [Hypoallergenic] [Antimicrobial] [Sweat-Wicking]


This Lyosilk Mask is synthesised to be anti-microbial due to its quick drying and moisture wicking properties. Ironing for daily freshening is recommended over washing to kill bacteria and viruses. *Average temperature of hot iron at 180 degrees kills viruses and bacteria



Lyosilk™ mask slip

Insert a surgical mask into the side of the Lyosilk™ mask slip and secure it with the velcro at the sides.

MaxClean™ Hand Sanitizer

Shake well before use. Apply enough of the product onto your palm, ensuring to wet your hands completely. Rub your hands together for up to 25 seconds or until the product is fully absorbed.


Does it allow the surgical mask to be reused?

Yes it allows multiple uses of the surgical mask as it prevents the mask from getting soiled on top of shielding your skin from the polyester material of the surgical mask, a synthetic fibre that can cause skin irritation. The 3-ply surgical mask is protective as long as it does not get wet with saliva or other liquids.

Can people use it on its own, or do they have to put another mask in there?

It’s meant to hold a 3-ply surgical mask within the mask slip. 3-ply surgical masks confer protection against droplet-transmission type conditions such as COVID virus

How does the safety/barrier functions of it work?

This mask slip is engineered from LyoSilk, a hypoallergenic plant silk from Dr.TWL Biomaterials. It functions as a skin breathable, protective barrier between your skin and the normal surgical mask which is made of a synthetic material (plastic) polypropylene, which can cause occlusion acne and irritation to sensitive skin over periods of prolonged wear. The washable mask slip also prevents the surgical mask from getting wet with respiratory droplets when one speaks or condensation from breathing, prolonging the lifespan of the surgical mask.