MaxClean™ Hand Sanitizer



[30ml] Limited purchase of 3 per client, with unlimited refills purchase.

Recycle your old sanitizer bottle by purchasing a 50ml refill here! Each refill purchase comes with a $5 credit voucher for other Dr.TWL Pharmacy products.


[Isopropyl Alcohol] Anti-Microbial*
[Glycerin] Barrier Restoration
[Grape Seed Oil] Antioxidant
[Jojoba Oil] Moisturising

*Guaranteed Minimum 60% Isopropyl Alcohol, Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial, CDC-Compliant Concentrations
Preservative Free

Choose up to 5 Additional Active Ingredients.

  • [Moisturizing] Centella Asiatica
  • [Anti-Inflammatory] Arnica Montana
  • [Antioxidant] Mulberry Root
  • [Hydrating] Licorice  
  • [Anti-Microbial] Honey 


Shake well before use. Apply enough of the product onto your palm, ensuring to wet your hands completely. Rub your hands together for up to 25 seconds or until the product is fully absorbed.



This beautifully crafted vegan leather pouch attaches elegantly to your bag or purse. Available in limited edition mustard yellow and navy blue whilst stocks last. The pharmacy offers a free gift of 1 beautiful vegan leather hand sanitiser pouch in limited edition colour mustard yellow and navy blue for every purchase of the 30ml hand sanitiser, whilst stocks last. This hand sanitiser pouch allows you to conveniently tag it to your bag.

Why should I choose this hand sanitiser? Why is this the best hand sanitiser for me?

This dermatologist approved hand sanitiser is formulated specifically for individuals who suffer from hand eczema and dry skin issues. It is gentle enough to be used on children and also the elderly. It effectively disinfects without thinning the skin or disrupting the skin barrier. It comprises 60% isopropyl alcohol content, which is approved by the CDC to be virucidal against the COVID-19 virus.

What are the benefits of this hand sanitiser compared to others?

It is also fortified with soothing plant phytoceramides to reduce damage to the skin barrier. It is also power packed with antioxidants that can help to reduce inflammation and also provide a calming effect. Isopropyl alcohol is a common constituent of many hand sanitisers and is safe and effective.  It is potent to kill harmful viruses and bacteria. However, it also has a very harsh effect on the skin barrier. It has to be combined with moisturising ingredients in order for it to be tolerable for the skin. This formula nourishes and moisturisers your skin at the same time. It leaves a moisturising layer on your skin while still being effective as a hand sanitiser.

What are the active ingredients in this hand sanitiser that make it moisturising for my dry skin ? 

The formulation of this hand sanitiser closely respects the requirements of sensitive skin. First of all, the main moisturising base is glycerin. Glycerin is a traditional humectant that is very effective in terms of trapping moisture under the skin. It also has additional plant seed oils which helps to further strengthen the skin barrier.

What is the texture of the hand sanitiser? 

Many hand sanitisers contain other stabilisers that enable it to maintain a non-sticky gel formula when applied on skin. However, these additional stabilisers can serve as irritants. It is not necessary because it is an isopropyl alcohol which is the main active component completely evaporates and this means that there should be no residue left.  The hand sanitiser formulated by our pharmacy leaves skin moisturised with natural plant seed oils after the isopropyl alcohol evaporates. This provides a moisturising humectant layer after the alcohol has evaporated.

Do I need to apply moisturiser to my hands after using sanitiser?

The MaxClean Hand Sanitiser formula functions both as a hand sanitiser and a moisturiser. There is no alcohol or chemical residue after the alcohol evaporates.

What sort of packaging does the hand sanitiser come in?

It is also important to look at the packaging of hand sanitisers. It is critical to understand that hand sanitisers, as the name suggests, are meant to be carried around so they have to be portable. You have to ensure that it is not prone to leakage. It has to be a secure fastening on the bottle itself The featured click bottle is available in limited quantities per person. The refills are sold in bulk in a recyclable syringe.

Should I use a spray or drip bottle for hand sanitisers?

Han sanitisers are commonly available in a click or a spray formula. Our  recommendation is actually for click and pour formulas because it minimises the chance of it being spread on to a food and accidentally sprayed into the eyes of children or pets. Also a click method is far more efficient in terms of ensuring that there is a significant amount that is applied to cover every surface area thoroughly for proper hand hygiene. Many spray formulas give false assurance with micro-mists that may not perform the function of sanitising.

Is this hand sanitiser food safe? 

It is critical that when your hands come into contact with a hand sanitiser, to know if it is food safe. Not all of these components of an over the counter hand sanitiser are actually edible and many chemical constituents have an unknown effect when ingested.. This is why we emphasise that there should be no residue on your hands which may not be food safe.  This is why the MaxClean has no fragrances or stabilisers. The isopropyl alcohol itself completely evaporates leaving no residue other than the skin soothing plant seed oils and glycerin.