CUIONS™ Anti-Bacterial Cosmetic Bag (Expandable)


This cosmetic bag is lined with a novel copper ion impregnated fabric strip using a proprietary CUIONS™ technology by Dr.TWL Biomaterials.

The copper concentrations have been Laboratory Certified for inhibition of bacterial and fungal growths.

This transparent PVC Bag is designed to protect makeup and skincare containing cosmeceutical ingredients while travelling. It is compact and expandable to fit your entire makeup and skincare kit on the go.


100% CUIONS™ Copper Synthetic Fibre

$55.00 SGD


[Hygienic] Anti-Microbial Lining, Easy to Sanitise

[Laboratory Certified] Effective Copper Concentrations
[Lightweight] [Durable]
[Thermal insulated] Prevents Overheating
[Dry Disinfection] Perfect for dry sanitising your makeup sponges and brushes on the go.

Copper fibre is naturally antibacterial.

Wipe down with damp cloth. PVC and copper fibre can be cleansed with Isopropyl Alcohol.

Recommended monthly cleaning to remove physical dirt and particles for optimal fabric performance.