Asian Beauty Secrets Korean Skin Cycling with Plant-based, Natural Ingredients – A Dermatologist Take on C-Beauty, K-Beauty



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Why You Will Love This:

  • Comprehensive Asian skincare bible on regimens & actives
  • Asian beauty’s gut-skin microbiome approach
  • Written by board certified dermatologist & expert on beauty formulations
  • A scientific approach to the ancient art of ethnobotany
  • Harness plant intelligence to create the ideal skincare regimen for you
  • Dictionary of Asian beauty plant actives categorized by plant parts
  • Discover nature’s own plant-based skin cycling formulas in whole plant extracts
@drteowanlin Asian Beauty Secrets Book on Plant Based Skin Care The best beauty book to get your hands on for 2023! Discover ancient ethnobotany secrets explained by me board certified dermatologist Dr TWL, stay tuned to @Beauty Podcasts By Dr.TWL for more ! Follow us on IG @ #learningisfun #learnontiktok #skincycling #dermatologist #dermatologistontiktok ♬ Ballet song like "Waltz of flowers" _3 minutes(965255) - yulu-ism project

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Discover the Asian Beauty Masterclass Series

Asian Beauty Secrets: Hello to Plant-Powered Skin Cycling
Say bye to DIY Skin-Cycling. Here’s how.

With skin cycling all the rage on TikTok, this book reveals how the hidden intelligence of plant extracts in the field of ethnobotany facilitates a natural skin cycling regimen. In fact, the better way is to identify whole plant actives that are nature’s ready made skincare active, known as an adaptogen, that works on multiple cellular pathways to mitigate irritation and are universally tolerable.

Get behind the scenes at a dermatologist’s office: learn K-beauty medifacial secrets

Ready to be your own expert facialist and aesthetician? Want to learn how the original Korean medifacial experience that promises glass skin works? We spill the beans on the behind the scenes secrets of aesthetic spas and clinics and how you can replicate this at home, at a fraction of the cost.

Learn from an Asian Beauty Expert

This book is a complete skincare course covering basic to advanced skincare routines, by accredited Singapore dermatologist and international beauty KOL Dr. Teo Wan Lin. As a leading voice on Asian beauty, she has been featured in beauty publications worldwide, including Cosmetics Design Asia and Be-story, Japan‘s top beauty magazine.

She is also the chief scientific officer of Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals, a skincare line focusing on ethnobotany, with its R&D HQ as one of the leading biotechnology firms in South Korea, the hub of Asian beauty. Her podcast Dermatologist Talks: Science of Beauty is the premier beauty podcast in Asia that has collaborated with beauty giants like L’Oréal, Eucerin, Laneige and Skinceuticals to bring skincare education to the masses.

Complete Asian Skincare Regimen Course: Basic-Advanced in 1 Bible

This book takes you from beginner to advanced level in the art of skincare routines, with a complete dictionary of plant powered active ingredients.

Bonus Content

Nature’s Skin Cycling Formula: Harness Plant Intelligence in K-Beauty

This latest edit of the most comprehensive Asian skincare bible written by a board certified dermatologist includes a bonus chapter on the Asian beauty perspective of skin cycling, without acid peels or retinols, but with plant actives like bakuchiol, papain and medicinal herbs.

Plant-based Microbiome Skincare

Build the ideal tailored skincare regimen based on the latest in microbiome research, from the expert herself. Includes never-before published office tips for her patients seeking to improve or maintain beautiful, clear skin. Complete with easy to follow flowcharts that allow you to customize the perfect beauty regimen according to your age, lifestyle and schedule. Learn how to skin cycle without retinols or acids, but with whole plant actives for universal tolerability.

How to Choose Devices for Copycat At-home Medifacials

Skincare hacks that save money and the environment including what you can DIY for less making the most of your skinvestments.

Self-care: Harness the Mind-Body Skin Connection

Skincare is not just about beauty, it is therapy for the skin and the soul. This book will motivate and inspire you to bring your home facial care experience to new heights – elevating not just skincare but a total mind-body self care experience.


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