Dr. Teo Wan Lin, accredited dermatologist, and founder of Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals tells a story about the truth of skincare, through the eyes of three women artists and their art. A tale of the brand’s three bioactive ingredients, inspired by the Bible as the gospel of truth, starting first from the Book of Genesis to the last, Book of Revelation.

DR.TWL Dermaceuticals presents three Women of Inspiration – LISA VON TANG @myessentialself, Lucinda Law @lucinda.law, and Teresa Lim @teeteeheehee.


Designer Lisa Von Tang @myessentialself features in the Book of Genesis where the waters of the deep are formed at the beginning of time. The purest ingredient “Deep Sea Secrets” is harvested 600m below the sea depth, for mineral-rich purified deep sea water, to form the base of skincare designed to calm sensitive, reactive skin types.

Lucinda Law

Botanical Artist Lucinda Law @lucinda.law takes us to the #Secretgarden in search of the Elixir of Youth. #Larecea Extract is a potent combination of bioactive brassica oleracea (think kale, broccoli, and cauliflower family) infused with anti-oxidant and regenerative properties. Walk with her in the original Garden of Eden, the day the Creator walked with the first Man, venture into Paradise.

Teresa Lim

Embroidery Artist Teresa Lim @teeteeheehee spun the last thread in the Book of Revelation to unveil a futuristic DNA molecule #Oligopeptides researched in a State-of-the-art biotechnology laboratory to simulate the natural molecule in one’s skin, which is lost as we age. A hope for a new era of skincare.