Dead skin???

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Hi I have this problem that is very annoying. I really don’t know what it is. So I read about this regimen on Google called the “Caveman regimen” where you do nothing to your face, you don’t use any products at all basically you don’t wash your face with anything not even water and you don’t put any products on it. I tried it for a really long time and I started getting a bunch of skin build up on my face it was really a lot, after a shower the steam would just show all those dead skin on my face and I stopped it and starting washing my face again and putting products but those drad skin would not go away no matter what, it’s been like 9 months since I tried that. Of course there is less dead skin but it’s still there even though I wash my face. I have to use my fingers going in circular motion on my face and dead skin would just come off. This happens every single day and it’s getting so annoying because I really don’t want to be scrubbing my face with my fingers to get these stuff off. It’s like everyday my face just keeps producing excess dead skin. I wash one night scrub my face gently with my fingers in circular motion to get all this dead skin off but the next day, my skin keeps producing some more of it so when I go wash my that night I have to do the process again of scrubbing it off. It’s every single day and it’s getting so annoying. It’s like this whole cycle.

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