Hair Mask Vials Bundle

The Dr.TWL Hair Mask Bar System is developed with a focus on environmentally conscious, science-backed botanical ingredients for a deep-conditioning home hair spa treatment. Our haircare formulation delivers salon-results, without the toxic chemical runoff associated with the traditional haircare industry.


Each bundle contains:

[3x 60mls Customised Masque Applicators]

  1. Keratin Hair Mask
  2. Milk Hair Mask
  3. Silk Hair Mask


Camellia Japonica [Hair Growth Extender]

Glycine Max Extract [Anti-Hair Loss]

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein [Hair Shaft Thickener]

May contain: hydrolysed silk protein, hydrolysed keratin protein, hydrolysed milk protein



Botanically derived ingredients to thicken the hair shaft with each treatment. Extends growth phase of the hair cycle and promotes hair shine. Dermatologist formulated as part of hair loss treatment.

Milk Protein [Hair Softness]

Keratin Protein [Hair Strengthening]

Silk Protein [Hair Smoothness/Frizz]


Recommended for use with Copper Peptide Hair Regrowth – Deep Cleanse™ Shampoo  for best results

Apply sufficient amount over entire hair shaft. Comb through with wide tooth comb.

Add on CutisCool™ Biological Gel Hair Cap

[Heated Protein Infusion] We recommend heating your CutisCool™ Biological Gel Hair Cap in the Beauty Fridge – Portable Mask Bar or Microwave Cap for 60s-90s. Test temperature before use to avoid scalding. For best results, wear a disposable shower cap underneath. Wear for 15-20 minutes while enjoying a cup of tea. Rinse off thoroughly with cool water.

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