$179 per month (3 months subscription – Refill Only)

$199 per month (3 months subscription w/4L Mask Bar)

The Dr.TWL Hair Mask Bar System is developed with a focus on environmentally conscious, science-backed botanical ingredients for a deep-conditioning home hair spa treatment. Our haircare formulation delivers salon-results, without the toxic chemical runoff associated with the traditional haircare industry.

Bimodal Mask Bar

Comes with a 4L Mask Bar for the ultimate Home-Masking Regimen. Designed for storage of the CutisCool™ Hair Cap with freshly compounded hair mask vials delivered monthly right to your doorstep. Click here for full specifications.


Professional Series for Salon Results
Dermatologist Formulated
Kerabuilt Home Protein Treatment System

Delivery of Bimodal Mask Bar from 28 December 2020. 

Subscription contains:

[ 1 x Sachets monthly] Keratin Rinse Crystals

[4 x 10 ml monthly] Customised Masque Applicators 

1 x 500ml Hair Thickening Mask

Milk Protein [Hair Softness]

Keratin Protein [Hair Strengthening]

Silk Protein [Hair Smoothness/Frizz]

New member gifts (valued at up to $485)

Exclusive members-only DERM MASTERCLASS access by Dr. Teo Wan Lin

Delivered right to your doorstep within 3-5 working days. Free shipping for all Mask System orders.

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Weekly Hair Treatment Regime

[Improves Hair Elasticity]

[Hair Shaft Thickening]

[Cuticle Smoothening for Shine]

[Deep Heat Repair for Damaged Hair]



STEP 1: [Cleanse Hair & Scalp]  Apply on clean shampooed hair and scalp. Use Copper Peptide Hair Regrowth – Deep Cleanse™ Shampo for best results.

STEP 2: [Customised Masque Applicators]

Choice of:

Week 1-Milk Protein [Hair Softness]

Week 2-Keratin Protein [Hair Strengthening]

Week 3-Silk Protein [Hair Smoothness/Frizz]

Apply sufficient amount over entire hair shaft. Comb through with wide tooth comb.

STEP 3: [Heated Protein Infusion] We recommend heating* your CUTISCOOL Biological Gel Cap in the Hair Mask Bar. For best results, wear a disposable shower cap underneath. Wear for 15-20 minutes while enjoying a cup of tea. Rinse off thoroughly with cool water. 

[Optional][Keratin Rinse for Shine] + [Cuticle Sealing]: Dissolve half packet of keratin rinse in 100 ml warm water and run through hair shaft. Comb through. Rinse off with cool water.

[Optional][Intensive Overnight Oil Treatment] Use on damp hair as final step before blowdrying, for overnight treatment. Apply 10 drops of LipiShine™ Serum OR LipiSilk™ Serum on hair shaft. Shampoo thoroughly the next morning.

[Cold Cap Treatment for Intensive Shine] Freeze the gel cap in the cold mask bar or put in freezer for 20 minutes. Apply copper peptide serum on scalp 20-30 drops and massage, apply cold cap after for 5 minutes.

Lipishine/LipiSilk Serums on towel-dried hair for stunning finish.

*Alternatively, the CutisCool Cap can be heated in a microwave for 60-90s. In addition, the CutisCool Biological Gel Cap is designed to be a safe and energy-efficient way for home scalp and hair treatments. The biological gel heats up and retains thermal energy generated by the environment and our natural body temperature. It can be used without any mechanical methods of heating, as-is, in the warm shower setting.