This is a custom compounded order that will be shipped out from Apr 17 2023 onwards.


• TSA-approved packaging for travel

Volume [80mls]

Dermatologist Tools Suite

Designed for CELL DNA REPAIR
Comes with complimentary SKIN POD SYSTEM for delivery of customised ANTIOXIDANT TONER ESSENCE. Deep skincare vitamin and antioxidant infusion for all skin types via nanotechnology. Droplets are dispersed as an ultra-fine nano-mist with increased surface area for skin absorption. This allows high concentration of active ingredients to be infused with zero wastage. Environmentally friendly with reusable skin pod design. 

Includes: 80 mls of Facial Toner Essence* and portable USB-rechargeable skin pod with nano-misting technology. Refill of antioxidant toner available. 

*indicate additional customised actives for problem skin in order chart.

Dermatologist recommended for use for all skin types for antioxidant toner essence for increased skin brightening and instant radiance. Especially helpful for dry sensitive skin and reactive skin types. Can help normalise microbiome and barrier function for combination and oily skin. 

$90.00 SGD



[Polyglutamic Acid Base] Minimises Enlarged Pores
[Glycerin] Alcohol-free Toner for Sensitive/Reactive Skin
[Botanical Extracts] Reduce Oxidative Stress to Prevent Enlarged Pores


[Nano-Mist] 100% Transdermal Absorption
[Anti-Oxidant Concentrate] Targets Surface Ageing Caused by Free Radicals
[Fights UV & Pollutant Damage] Enhances Cell-Talk Processes


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For a luxurious intensive skin treatment, screw open the mist spray bottle and decant 10ml (⅓ of the total volume) sufficient for 2 applications. Twist on cap securely. One-touch button for immediate release of nano-mist (ensure eyes closed) directly on skin.

The skin pod can be filled on the go whenever you need it. We recommend dispensing only the amount required each time to reduce wastage. Device is designed for dispensing and not storage. Depending on conditions, leakage may occur.

The Skin Pod is designed to deliver ultra-concentrates of skin actives with zero wastage


  1. SONIC CLEANSE with the Blade-Style Sonic Cleanser
  2. ANTIOXIDANT INFUSION activate one-touch skin pod for continuous nano-mist infusion 

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