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The Ephemeral Beauty of Flowers

It was September last year when I got the opportunity of a lifetime to visit a friend who has recently relocated to Paris. The city of love held up to its reputation, it’s perfumed streets, incredibly chic 50 year olds sipping a cuppa by the roads and it’s iconic landmarks curates an air of sophistication and melancholy that is unparalleled anywhere else.

Say Yes to Bridal Skin

Planning for your big day? Yes, you have finally found your dress, and you are beyond ecstatic. Issues about the wedding venue, sending invitations, your flowers or getting photographers may constantly bug you, but don’t let all the stress get to you. And your skin. You would want to walk down the altar with glowing skin after all, to prep your skin just in time for your D-Day.

Can’t get rid of the itch? You could be suffering from dry, sensitive skin.

There is nothing more frustrating than relieving an itching sensation, only to be left with a flaky, peeling patch which starts to itch again. If the problem persists, it could be a sign of dermatitis (or an inflammation of the skin, commonly known as ‘eczema’). Fortunately, this vicious cycle can be reversed with the appropriate topical and oral medications for your skin, along with a proper long-term skincare maintenance plan.